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Aerator - Plug Type - 18"

Aerator - Plug Type - 18"
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Aeration is a process that revitalizes your lawn's root system by exposing it to air, water, and nutrients. Over time the soil underneath your lawn becomes compacted and hard. As you water and fertilize your lawn throughout the spring, summer and fall, the roots beneath the surface finger out in search of nutrients. If your soil is compacted, this is nearly impossible. It creates a thick, shallow carpet of roots sucking energy from a small area of soil. The typical depth of a weak, shallow root system may be two to four inches. With a thick, shallow carpet of roots, not only is the plant structure weak, but it also is a breeding ground for hungry insects such as grub worms. 

On the contrary, if the soil is loose and fluffy, the roots from your grass take a vertical path and only occupy the space directly below them. The more nutrients they gather on their journey, the stronger and healthier they become. The healthier the plant becomes, the more surface space it occupies, and the less there is room for other undesirable weeds such as dandelions, to invade.

Aerators provide direct exposure of the turf roots. Aeration should be done early in the morning if possible, to increase the duration of sunlight exposure. It should be followed directly by fertilization and watering. This will give your roots a direct dose of sunlight, nutrients, and water.



The Operator's/Safety Manual for this machine will be provided to the customer during the rental period. The operator of the machine should read and understand the Operator's/Safety Manual before using the machine.


Item # Description Manual Specs
5650 Ryan 544908A Commercial Lawnaire IV Aerator  Link Link
5650 Classen CA-18H Commercial Aerator Link Link


Images are representative only.  Model may vary. You will receive a rental product of similar specifications to the above models, based on availability.  A specific make or model cannot be requested or guaranteed.


Rates / Prices

Item #: 5650
Daily : $45.00 Qty.


  • Manufacturer: CLASSEN
  • Model: CA-18H
  • Aerating Width: 17.5''
  • Aerating Depth: 3''
  • Hole Pattern: 4.4'' x 7''
  • Tines: 24-3/4''
  • Engine Horsepower: 3.5 HP
  • Fuel Type: GASOLINE
  • Fuel Capacity: .5 GAL
  • Length: 53''
  • Width: 27.75''
  • Height: 48.5''
  • Weight: 278 LBS
  • - - - - - - - - - -
  • Manufacturer: RYAN
  • Model: LAWNAIRE IV
  • Aerating Width: 19''
  • Aerating Depth: 2.75''
  • Hole Pattern: 3.75'' x 7''
  • Tines: 4.5'' x 8''
  • Engine Horsepower: 3.5 HP
  • Fuel Type: GASOLINE
  • Fuel Capacity: .5 GAL
  • Length: 53.5''
  • Width: 28''
  • Height: 49''
  • Weight: 255 LBS
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