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Drywall Lift - 11' or 15'

Drywall Lift - 11' or 15'
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You have several options for handing drywall on ceilings and upper walls. If you have several helpers, you can simply have two of them lift the entire drywall sheet while you fasten it with screws. The second way and easier way is to rent a drywall lift. Some of you may wonder, "do we really need a drywall lift?", the answer is you definitely do. A drywall lift can also be used to hang drywall on the walls as well.

This lift handles even the monster 16' wide sheets and can be used for walls as well as ceilings. The entire unit can be quickly assembled or dismantled in under a minute with no tools required. It even breaks down small enough to fit into the trunk of a car. 

Cradle tilts laterally for easy loading and for installation on walls and sloped ceilings, also tilts longitudinally. Single stage winch with silent cam-lock brake easily lifts and lowers with minimal effort. With this lift you could sheet an entire room by yourself in not time at all.



The Operator's/Safety Manual for this machine will be provided to the customer during the rental period. The operator of the machine should read and understand the Operator's/Safety Manual before using the machine.

Item # Description Manual Specs
4857 Telpro Panellift 138-2 Drywall Lift #4857 Link Link

Images are representative only.  Model may vary. You will receive a rental product of similar specifications to the above models, based on availability.  A specific make or model cannot be requested or guaranteed.

Rates / Prices

Item #: 4857
Daily : $18.00 Qty.


  • Manufacturer: TELPRO
  • Model: PANELLIFT 138-2
  • Maximum Standard Reach: 11'
  • Maximum Reach with Extension: 15'
  • Standard Loading Height: 37''
  • Load Capacity: 150 LBS
  • Sheet Capacity: SINGLE
  • Maximum Sheet Size: 4' x 16'
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