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Laser Level - Outdoor Kit

Laser Level - Outdoor Kit
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Laser levels find "level" in different ways. Manual laser levels work in the traditional way: The user lines up a bubble inside a vial either by repositioning the level or turning a knob. Well-suited for typical do-it-yourself projects, these laser levels are less expensive and require less battery power than a self-leveling unit.

Self-leveling units offer a greater degree of accuracy. They work best when placed on a surface that the user determines is "close to level." You can use a bubble vial to manually level the unit before the unit's self-leveling mechanism takes over. The laser component hangs like a pendulum inside the level. Magnets and gravity work together to still the pendulum, and the beam is then projected through a light or prism.

Rotary lasers levels project a rotating dot to create a 360 degree line. A detector is used for reading the laser lines over a long distance. Most rotary lasers also have single line generators and plumb up, plumb down capabilities. Ideal for outdoor work, such as grading roads, laying foundations, or laying pipe, these are the most accurate.

Rugged, reliable, accurate. Work gets done faster and more accurately, providing savings in labor, time and materials. Built to Leica Geosystems' tough standards, you can trust the Leica Rugby 50 to provide you with the right tool to get the job done.

It is designed to always turn on in automatic self-leveling mode. No concerns for setting up the laser incorrectly. Set it up within its wide leveling range, the instrument will automatically self-level and work can begin.

The H.I. Alert function monitors the leveling of the Leica Rugby 50. Any significant disturbance or movement of the tripod will cause the alert function to activate. The unit will stop operation and will sound an alarm to prevent possible errors.

During normal operation, it will continuously self-level. Small vibrations and disturbances may cause an out of level condition. The head will stop momentarily and the emission LED will blink until the unit re-levels and work can resume.


Built for today's contractor

  • Simple, one- button operation
  • High impact composite housing
  • Fully sealed with enclosed head
  • Watertight for all conditions




The Operator's/Safety Manual for this machine will be provided to the customer during the rental period. The operator of the machine should read and understand the Operator's/Safety Manual before using the machine.

Item # Description Manual Specs
4907-OP Leica Rugby 50 GC Construction Laser Link Link
4907-RE Leica Rod Eye Basic Link Link

Images are representative only.  Model may vary. You will receive a rental product of similar specifications to the above models, based on availability.  A specific make or model cannot be requested or guaranteed.

Rates / Prices

Item #: 4905
Daily : $63.00 Qty.


  • Manufacturer: LEICA
  • Model: RUGBY 50 GC
  • Horizontal Leveling Accuracy: +/- 3/32'' / 100'
  • Operating Diameter: 2,000'
  • Length: 6.5''
  • Width: 6.4''
  • Height: 6.25''
  • Weight: 4 LBS
  • - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
  • Manufacturer: LEICA
  • Model: ROD EYE BASIC
  • Capture Height: 1.4''
  • Acceptance Angle: +/- 45 DEG
  • On-Grade Sensitivity: 0.031'' - 0.125''
  • Length: 5''
  • Width: 1''
  • Height: 2.6''
  • Weight: 7 OZ
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